A Mary-Eyed View of CBA

Mary, one of our regular Breastfeeding Counsellor staff writes about what working at CBA means to her.

What a great place Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance is for mums, partners and grandparents to come and talk about what is happening for them and their babies or toddlers. We all know that having a baby changes “normal” life and that sometimes our expectations and perceptions don’t always match the reality of what actually the “new normal” is. What we assume will be natural, may seen to have more challenges than we anticipate, and accessing help, support, information and expertise, can make a huge difference. Just someone with time to listen in an accepting way, can allay anxieties, help work out what is likely to be going on and give strategies to make adjustments, as well as building confidence.

As a Breastfeeding Counsellor, mother and grandmother, I love my involvement with CBA and seeing the way mothers relax and connect with their little ones, when someone is there to understand their experience. It is such a privilege to meet so many great mums and parents and share in their stories. Support was crucial to me in my time and so I know how feeling acknowledged and valued in my mothering role can be so empowering. CBA is an extremely important resource for the local and wider community and certainly worthy of enough funding to continue.