Finding your dance

Breastfeeding counsellor at work in Cambridge

Can I hold your hand for a time?
Walk a while with you on your road?
My heart wants to talk to you
My soul wants to comfort you

I see you and your heavy burden
Staring at your new creation
Tears and doubt in your eyes
Pain in your gasp as he stirs for you

With a passion, I see your love
Your burning and tears for your baby
Let me walk with you, let me help
Let me listen to your fears for a while

It’s a journey and story well told
But a new passage and page for each
Let me share your uneven road
Let me lighten your weary spirit

Together we will ease and guide you
Release your dream to find your path
I will watch as you find your harmony
As you dance on, mama and child, dance on

Justine Fieth

First published in Breastfeeding Matters, the membership magazine of LLLGB