Photos of laid back breastfeeding

Here is a series of photos showing laid back breastfeeding – click on an image to click through as slides. Our thanks to C and her baby for allowing us to take the photos to share with you.

Image: baby and mother skin to skin in laid back position. Text: In laid back breastfeeding, your baby's natural instincts to find your breast and breastfeed are triggered.
Image montage of two images showing first image on the left is of baby skin to skin, lying tummy down as mother is lying back, rooting for the breast. Her mouth is wide open as she searches for the nipple.  Second image on the right, show the baby has found the breast and is latched on deeply.
Image: baby in laid back position, rooting for the nipple. Mother has had on top of her breast, tilting her breast to help encourage a wider gap. Text: 'Tilting' your breast from above, can help your baby open their mouth wider. You're a team.
Close up image of baby latching on in laid back position. Showing how baby is rooting for the breast as her body is in close contact. Text: Your baby can bob their head and latch on by themselves. All you have to do is make your breast available.
Image: mother is shaping her breast to help her baby latch on in laid back position. She is gently squeezing her breast to help her baby. Text: In laid back breastfeeding, you have one hand free for breast compressions or for shaping your breast to help your baby latch.
Image showing all of the baby's body, skin to skin on her mother who is lying back. Baby is using her harms and legs to help find the breast. Text: In laid back breastfeeding, your baby's tummy is close into you. They use their body, legs and arms to help find your breast.
Image; baby in laid back breastfeeding position, with her mother's arm coming round the outside of her holding onto her bottom. Baby is resting her head on her mother's upper arm. Text: In laid back breastfeeding, your baby rests their head on your arm, feeling supporting.
Image: close up of baby breastfeeding in a laid back position with her chin in deep and nose free. Her head is resting on her mother's upper arm. Text: Having their chin tucked in closely helps your baby to get more breast in their mouth.
Baby feeding in laid back position, looking up at her mother. Text: Laid back breastfeeding allows your baby to tip their head back and open wide. You can look at each other too.