A Breastfeeding Journey 

baby feeding at breast

Emma Robson, a mother who knows first-hand why breastfeeding support matters, shares her story with us. Breastfeeding is easy, breastfeeding is natural, breastfeeding is best! All statements I came across while pregnant and I certainly wanted to give breastfeeding a go but didn’t want to pressure myself. I was quite relaxed about it all despite … Read more

A Mary-Eyed View of CBA

Mary, one of our regular Breastfeeding Counsellor staff writes about what working at CBA means to her. What a great place Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance is for mums, partners and grandparents to come and talk about what is happening for them and their babies or toddlers. We all know that having a baby changes “normal” life … Read more

A father’s view on breastfeeding

picture of a dad holding his baby

We are delighted to share a guest post from Tom Bashford. Tom’s son and wife, Cat, came to one of our drop-ins for support in the early days. Breastfeeding. A simple biological transaction between mother and newborn to get calories into the little one, and a subject it’s hard to imagine being anything other than … Read more

Finding your dance

Can I hold your hand for a time?Walk a while with you on your road?My heart wants to talk to youMy soul wants to comfort you I see you and your heavy burdenStaring at your new creationTears and doubt in your eyesPain in your gasp as he stirs for you With a passion, I see … Read more

Why Support Like Ours is Important

Congratulations, you’ve had a baby! Once the rollercoaster ride of the birth is over with, working out how to look after this baby you’ve been given can seem rather overwhelming. And if your aim is to breastfeed, it can sometimes feel like everything is against you! From the first day the congratulations cards start rolling … Read more